Solar products

sl10w5VYSAL Solar is a range of solar-powered kits and accessories providing solutions to meet the needs of a wide range of customers looking for answers to everyday problems. The products are particularly geared towards the country-dweller but not exclusively so.

However, farmers, horticulturalists and equestrians face more challenges in places where mains electricity doesn’t exist and so the products will have particular interest to them. Householders and business managers will find solutions to problems too, so do browse the site.

· Rural Lighting
· Security Lighting
· Amenity Lighting
· Sign Lighting

A solar powered product is an ideal way to achieve energy self sufficiency in locations where there is no mains supply or where it would be very expensive to install one. It’s also very cost effective because once you’ve bought the equipment there are no running costs as the sun’s energy is free. And naturally, it’s greatly beneficial to the environment.

We only use mono-crystalline silicon cells because they have the highest efficiency and reliability whilst maintaining realistic prices. They produce electricity even on normal cloudy days as well as in bright sunlight. Built to withstand the harshest of outdoor conditions including marine use. Our high quality 12V solar panels are built to withstand the harshest outdoor conditions and are top performers with a great price tag.

Solar energy is FREE but not cheap. You get what you pay for and in solar systems that means the capital cost of the equipment in the first instance. After that, energy is free. Systems with small solar collectors (panels) and batteries with low capacity cannot perform as well as those using appropriately sized collectors and batteries to suit the application and expectations.

Many of our customers are sceptical about what solar power can deliver because of exaggerated claims by others who over-promise and under-deliver. We only make claims that can be substantiated by accurate technical data and appropriate calculations.

The solar powered lighting systems are classified as a (SELV) safety extra low voltage system according to the Requirements for Electrical Installations BS 7671: 2008 / IEE Wiring Regulations 17th Edition and they are exempt from Part P of the Building regulations.

The solar panel has a 10 year warranty and will usually pay back its investment many times over.

We strongly recommend that you take some time to read the technical section ‘Calculate your solar requirements’ if you are considering investing in a Solar PV system – even if only a basic lighting kit. The sun’s power is weaker during the winter time when lighting requirements are usually greater. The graph shown here is for data taken from the European Commission Joint Research Centre PVGIS PV potential estimation Utility website. From which, you can easily see that the power available from the sun is least during December with 6 months of the year being below the average value.