Skeleton Striplights

Skeleton Striplights

  • Ideal for concealed lighting in cupboards, behind pelmets etc.
  • 60W striplamp included
  • Choice of lamp lengths
  • Switching options

The Skeleton Striplight is the perfect solution for providing lighting in cupboards, wardrobes, behind pelmets, below cabinets etc. It has also been widely used to provide effects lighting on TV and film sets.

The body consists of a metal strip upon which the safety lampholders and switch are fitted. They are offered in two sizes with either 60W 221mm or 284mm det striplamps which are included. Both sizes are available with a push button switch and the 221mm version has the option of a pull cord switch.

Because it causes a strain on the lamp filament and thus reduces lamp life, it is not recommended that the standard lamps supplied are mounted vertically. If such an installation is planned, it is recommended to retro-fit an LED 4W striplamp in place of the tungsten filament version supplied.

The unit comes with a flying tail for mains connection (240V) of approximately 2m in length.