Ceiling Heating Infra-Red Radiant Elements


Ceiling Heating Infra-Red Radiant Elements

  • ‘Invisible’ comfortable heating
  • Suitable for domestic and many commercial buildings
  • For new builds and refurbishment projects
  • Low running costs
  • Excellent heat distribution

The complete ceiling heating solution, natural indoor heating warmth at low cost Guarantee10yr

Ceiling Heating

Now you can have comfortable heating in any building without the inconvenience, cost and unsightly hardware of conventional heating systems.


Vysa-Ceiling Heating uses low temperature electric heating film installed in the ceiling to provide a natural, comfortable indoor heating warmth at low cost. It is rated at 200W/m². Vysa-Ceiling Heating, unlike conventional warm water radiator systems which heat & circulate air, functions in the same way as the sun. The film emits heat energy in the form of thermal infrared waves. The energy waves are absorbed by the rooms objects (walls, floor, furniture and people) and only then are they converted to the heat energy.

This modern, yet most natural, technology ensures that the heat is always created where it is most needed. This is the one great advantage of a radiant heating system, over conventional convection heating (which relies on the air being heated first before being transferred to an object).

Versatile Use

Vysa-Ceiling Heating is suitable for both new build and renovation projects. It provides an ideal heat source in domestic applications in small rooms (i.e attic conversions) as well as whole house heating. In the commercial environment it is ideal to heat larger rooms in shops, offices, hotels, school class rooms and corridors, institutional buildings etc. where it provides excellent heat distribution and obstruction free room layouts.

Safe, Silent, Invisible

 Vysa-Ceiling Heating is installed out of sight in the ceiling. The heating film is installed above the plasterboard, creating space in rooms for freedom of design and planning. Ceiling Heating operates using the large surface area of the ceiling at relatively low temperatures. This ensures that the room’s air remains fresh and condensation free, with no feeling of dryness. Being a radiant heat source no warm air convection currents are created which reduces the distribution of dust especially beneficial for asthma sufferers.


Guarantee & Peace of Mind

 With over thousands of square metres of Vysa-Film Ceiling Heating installed over a number of years, a lifetime of maintenance free warmth and comfort has been provided. Vysa-Ceiling Heating is covered by a comprehensive 10 year warranty.

Gentle Warmth with High User Comfort & Economy

Vysa-Ceiling Heating uses the whole ceiling surface as a low temperature radiant heat emitter (35 to 40ºC). This produces the optimum heat distribution in any room. This means that it is possible to achieve the same heat comfort as a convection system but at a lower temperature. In most situations as much as 3ºC lower! Generally, a reduction of temperature by 1ºC lowers total heating costs by 6%.


Vysa-Ceiling Heating is a unique construction especially developed for low temperature radiant heating. It consists of an ultra thin (0.2mm) film constructed from a specially formulated semi-conductive medium encapsulated in a plastic laminate which is hermetically sealed, moisture proof and electrically insulated.

Special provision is made to deal with noggins, downlights etc. by cutting the film and wiring across the gap. Once the film is installed, it is important to ensure that new installations that would cut through the elements are not permitted.


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